Our Innovations

1. Energy Efficient ATM HVAC System

Energy Efficient ATM HAVC System

Navy Blue Energy has successfully tested and developed a New Energy Efficient HVAC System for Banking ATM facilities which precisely controlled temperature and humidity of ATM Cubical by limiting its cooling boundary to the machine cabinet only. It thus reduces the Energy consumption by 60% than the conventional Split Air Conditioner Units (Substitute for Conventional Split AC).

NBCOOL has huge energy savings potential of 756 GWh/Year Energy-equivalent to CO2 Emission reduction of around 3,82,646 Tons/Year and monetary savings of around 700 Cr. INR/Year across India.

Navy blue has introduced 2 variants :
1. NBCOOL01 - Energy Efficient ATM HVAC System with user ventilation system
2. NBCOOL02 - Energy efficient ATM HVAC system with user blast cooler

2. HVAC Solutions- AHU Chiller System, Panel Coolers

Navy Blue has inhouse Design Development manufacturing and Installation team for HVAC systems like, Air Handling Units, Chiller and Panel Coolers. Navy Blue can supply wide range of chillers for chemical processes food, dairy industry applications.

HVAC Solutions